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  1. Commitment to excellence by establishing a culture of continuous improvement and executing strategic transformational change for medical device and healthcare companies
  2. Align companies visions to deliver patient service excellence and organizational efficiency through foolproof change management roadmaps
  3. Implement unparalleled strategic change management and leadership solutions to deliver healthcare and medical device operational excellence
  4. Deliver revolutionary and sustainable change management processes in alignment with your vision.

Edward Wilham, MS, LSSMBBEdward

Transformational Business Consultant

Edward Wilham Resume

Edward Wilham Biography

Highly respected in the healthcare industry, Ed Wilham is an award-winning consultant with foresight and imagination. Known for driving unprecedented results for his clients, he frequently exceeds even the most ambitious goals while controlling costs and driving continuous process improvement. To do so, he capitalizes on best practices, emerging technologies, and top-tier talent. His primary focus in all endeavors is to reach the highest levels of customer and patient satisfaction.

As the Principal Consultant for Wilham Solutions LLC., Ed provides unrivaled expert consultation to healthcare and medical device companies. In doing so, he breaks conventional norms, asking the “what ifs” to achieve “what could be” in patient service excellence and organizational efficiency. After formulating strategic and workable business plans, he ensures the perfect execution of grand visions by implementing foolproof change management roadmaps.

This has resulted in tremendous success for his clients. For example, while driving continuous performance improvement throughout Nemours Children’s Hospital, he significantly improved training for the daily management system, streamlined lab protocols, and enabled pharmacy process validation.

While working as a Senior Performance Engineering Consultant for Zimmer Biomet, Orthopaedic Advantage, and Accelero Health Partners, Ed introduced high-impact strategies and Lean methodologies that optimized patient experiences and operations at hospitals around the world. Not only did he improve all patient interactions, he transformed 7 Joint Replacement Centers of Excellence (COE) and 2 Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) programs for joint replacement across 8 states. Through these initiatives, Ed was able to increase the ortho sales volume by 18% while saving $1.1 million for UMC-Princeton. He also raised patient satisfaction scores from 74% to 86% for Beaufort Memorial, and from 79% to 91% for Stillwater Medical Center.

For Edwards Lifesciences, Ed led the global strategy while steering Lean Six Sigma initiatives worldwide for the Business Excellence program. While doing so, he significantly improved key programs, spearheaded international training courses, and built a cohesive, global team of top performers. To launch revolutionary initiatives, he inspired enthusiastic participation in business transformations across the enterprise. Through value stream mapping, setup training, and Kaizen events, he boosted productivity 55% and decreased labeling quality defects 42%. He also slashed lab service costs 30% while creatively expanding the existing lab space.

As the Lean Sensei and Master Black Belt for DePuy Orthopedics, Ed deployed significant process enhancements worldwide. While directing Black and Green Belt training programs, he mentored 32 trainees to flawlessly implement Lean/DMAIC methodologies. By redesigning manufacturing lines and employing Lean practices, he led his team to shrink complaint processing time to 4 weeks, reduce manufacturing OPEX by $7.5 million, increase custom implant design capacity 300%, and save $4.5 million.

In his role of Global Manufacturing Manager at United Technologies, Ed steered the Operational Excellence and Quality Group for the European Transcontinental Operations Division. While doing so, he reduced labor expenses 30%, improved lead time 50%, and achieved 98% on-time delivery for Holland Heating in the Netherlands. He cut $4.5 million in OPEX and decreased inventory levels 25% for Toshiba Carrier in the United Kingdom, and for Delchi Carrier in Italy, he decreased inventory 35% and reduced backorder levels 80%.

Ed has enjoyed past success as a Senior Lean Implementation Manager at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, and as a General Supervisor of Lean Implementation, Operations Manager, and Lean Implementation Manager at General Motors. He has a Master of Science in International Business from Central Michigan University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University, and has studied Computer Integrated Manufacturing at Purdue University.

His list of credentials is impressive, and includes Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt, National Baldridge Examiner, Certified Quality Manager, Certified Quality Engineer, and Certified Quality Improvement Associate. He has Executive Lean Certification from Lean Sensei International in Japan and completed Kaizen facilitation training at the Kaizen Institute of America.